You’ve probably heard me talk before as a holistic personal trainer how fitness is more than just physical. The benefits extend far beyond that.

Many people start an exercise routine to lose weight and trim down. Even within that very goal, so many other things happen – your movement becomes easier, your flexibility and range of motion can increase, your muscle tightness and discomfort can alleviate, and your energy can increase.

But wait – there’s still SO much more! We were not meant to be sedentary beings. My reasoning in that claim is that we have arms and legs and the ability to move and travel our bodies without the use of equipment (like, a car).

So much of LIFE is enriched when we move more! Movement:

  • gets our creative juices flowing
  • it can help us to get emotions out, whether good or not so good feeling ones
  • it strengthens our bodies, from our muscles (heart included!), to our arteries and veins
  • it gives us time to FEEL life, versus just thinking our way through it
  • it can rejuvenate us after a long day or week
  • it can give balance to our life – scheduling and taking the time to take care of our bodies
  • it can preserve our bodies from illness and disease
  • it can increase our mood, naturally

Most marketing that I’ve seen for different products or services project this message: buy this, or do this, and you will be happy/life will be easier and more enjoyable. Think about it. Do you agree?

We all have a common goal: to feel good. (Who doesn’t want to feel good?)

We have a tool for massive happiness right at our fingertips and toetips. Many studies are now showing how exercise can combat and ward off depression and anxiety. No price needs to be paid, except for some time and energy. And it’s the gift that keeps on giving – energy expended in this way equates to more energy produced and available to us for other things!

I’m a huge fan of looking at how everything in our lives is intertwined and affects the other things. Don’t just take my word for it – test it yourself. How can you incorporate more movement into your day? Maybe you already exercise consistently. Can you take walks on your lunch break, not for the caloric burn, but for the rejuvenation? How about a walking meeting versus a seated one, to inspire more creative conversation?

How about stretching for 5-10 minutes instead of grabbing a coffee break?

If you’d like to discuss how more movement can impact your life in ways other than physical fitness, reach out to me. I’d love to have a conversation with you about it!

Aubrey Eicher

Owner, Personal Trainer

Richmond Wellness

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