Brian and I ran the full Richmond Marathon on Saturday (26.2 miles!!) and I wanted to share the experience with you, as well as the thoughts that I’ve had afterward:

  • The power of rest and recovery to balance your life and make you more present and effective in ALL that you do.
  • Leave it all on the table – don’t leave room for possible regret in the future if you hold back now, we only get today once.
  • Leave it all on the table – don’t avoid doing something only out of fear and then to regret not having done it later. Just do it!
  • Our worth comes from within us, not from anything outside of us.

I hope that you enjoy! And, as always, please share with me your comments and questions! You can email me here (info@thewellpf.com) or leave a comment on the video. And please subscribe to my channel as I’ll continue to upload new videos regularly! If you like, take a moment to check out the other topics and messages I have talked about.

Have a fantastic start to your week! Talk with you soon! 🙂



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