Traveling to Costa Rica SOLO last year was incredible. I learned so much about myself and my own personal likes and preferences. I gained so much more confidence in my own self. I learned so much about the universality of humanity. How wonderful to have seen friends that moved there just a year or so before (Prince and Nadine! ❤️), and to stay at a warm, welcoming, wonderful yoga retreat, Ser La Luz (Be the Light – how appropriate!) (Ed and RevMichael Carbone – can I call it an OASIS?? 😊).

I gained great strength in my own self backpacking and traveling through different mountain towns, seeing coffee farms, meeting new people with wonderful hospitality along the way, sharpening my Spanish language skills (only once frustrating, haha..), making friends, trying new things, hiking volcanoes, taking my first surfing lessons and catching my first waves.

I was aware of the “risks of traveling alone” – I read up on what I needed before embarking on this trip. I understand that unpleasant things happen (anywhere). BUT – in my experience, everyone I met was helpful and wonderful and welcoming and LOVED what I was doing.

It was a wonderful way to spend my 28th birthday. This year, for my 29th, I am taking a week off to recalibrate myself: I am looking forward to friend time (a masquerade dinner & dancing tomorrow night!) as well as time at home and alone to be quiet and still, and thoughtful.

I’m looking forward to the next adventure! But for now .. some self-care, and some good rest.


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