I think it’s pretty safe to say that this is a busy time of the year for most of us, right?

For many people, finding the time to stay active and healthy is difficult during the holidays. Do y’all know what I am talking about? Do you experience this, too?

Most of us are busy with family and friend traditions, holiday shopping, and other social engagements. How can you find the time to still take care of yourself during a time like this?

Let’s explore how you can more easily (and realistically) stay active and still maintain or increase your health, fitness, and wellness during the holiday season:

–       30 min of exercise 3x/week

–       Eating SOMETHING green every day

The holidays aren’t necessarily MORE busy than the rest of the year, although they can feel like it. Yes, social obligations can add to our calendar, but is it REALLY that much busier?

Finally, if we have stated that health is a value that is important to us, does it really matter the time of the year or the other obligations that we have to meet? In my experience, it’s ALWAYS possible to find an “out” – a reason for not doing something (can be anything, but, we’re talking about your health and fitness, here).

I say all of this to say – if your health and fitness is of value to you, there IS a way to maintain (and even increase it) this time of the year. And, if you allow all of the other commitments in your life to come before your personal care of yourself right now, it’s that much harder to change that habit even after the new year. There are ALWAYS events to attend and other things to attend to. But if you start now, even in a more difficult time to do so, your habits will be that much stronger to take you into and through 2018 strong.

Balance is necessary. Still finding time for your own personal health, fitness, and wellness is possible. It doesn’t have to be excessive. Only consistent.

Why not start now?

Reach out to me today to find out more about the 6-week holiday program I am offering. It includes in-studio workout sessions, a full exercise plan catered to your fitness level, your life, and your goals, nutrition guidance, as well as full accountability to the goals that we set together! It may be a great fit for you, or for a loved one! Consider giving it as a gift! (A gift that will keep on giving!)


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