Countdown to 2018, y’all!

In support of everyone’s best year to come, I’ve created a video series specifically to help! Over the next week, I’m releasing one video per day (shorter ones – about 5-10 minutes long each) with action steps for you to do each day. If you miss one, be sure to go back and check it out! Grab your notebook or notes app and let’s go!

Day 2 – we are exploring how to create healthy changes specifically for YOU.

Here are today’s activities!

  1. List 3 personal exercise barriers as well as two possible solutions to each barrier
  2. List forms of activity that are not directly associated to exercise
    1. Taking the stairs
    2. Parking farther away
  3. List 3 personally tempting eating situations and 2 possible alternatives that will result in a healthier outcome while still satisfying you
  4. Identify two activities that are enjoyable to you that are mildly or moderately active
    1. Golfing
    2. Going to the zoo
    3. Exploring neighborhoods in the city

To make sure that you don’t miss any, turn on notifications for when I upload something new and YouTube will tell you! Don’t worry, you probably see and know that I don’t upload too many things too often, so – I promise that I will be respectful of your notifications feed 🙂

Finally, share this with a friend (maybe do it together?) and leave comments and feedback, questions and such. I want to put my best out here for you guys, so, your feedback is very important and helps me hone my messages better to you!

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