5 days left to 2018!!

What do you want to see for yourself in 2018? How about with your health, fitness, and overall wellness?

We are on day 3 of my series to countdown to 2018 and really make it the best year yet! (I believe every year can be better than the last 🙂 ). Each of these videos are 5-10 min long each and have specific action steps to set you up and in motion on your goals for this upcoming year. If you’ve missed one, be sure to go back and check it out! Also – grab a notebook or your notes app and take personal notes. Do the action items – they will help tremendously!

Day 3 – we are exploring how to prepare for a healthy lifestyle. These are little change steps to get you ready to go ..

Check it out here!

Here are today’s activities!

  1. Set a specific frequency for workouts
    1. “I will start a program in 2 weeks during which I will exercise 3x/week for 2 months”
  2. Research different resting metabolic rate and basal metabolic rate formulas. Find a range for yours and set a realistic (not extreme) calorie intake goal to adhere to once you start your program
  3. Plan 2 activities per month to increase activity
    1. Golfing
    2. Hiking
    3. Swimming
    4. Playing with kids at the park
    5. Going to the zoo
    6. Exploring the neighborhoods
  4. Research, compare, and rank your favorite food tracking systems, website, and apps
  5. Research, compare, and rate your favorite exercise tracking band

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Finally, share this with a friend (maybe do it together?) and leave comments and feedback, questions and such. I want to put my best out here for you guys, so, your feedback is very important and helps me hone my messages better to you!

Have an amazing day! See you tomorrow for day 4! 😀


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