We are 4 days away from 2018! Here’s to the last weekend of 2017!

This is also day 4 of my countdown to 2018! If you’re just now tuning in, check out days 1 through 3, then come back to this one! 🙂 Each of these videos are 5-10 min long and have specific action steps to set you up and in motion for your best, healthiest, fittest, most well year yet coming up!

Do you have your notebook/notes app? (You’re taking your own notes and doing the activities, right?) Okay, let’s go!

Day 4 – we are specifically defining and now taking action towards the goals that you have for 2018. Consistent actions create habits, and that first step is that first action.

Here is the full video on YouTube I uploaded here: https://youtu.be/a2n0xL6qF4E

Here are today’s activities!

  1. Log and measure all foods eaten each day of the week using your nutrition tracker. Maintain a daily caloric deficit of 500 calories if weight loss is your goal
  2. Create an alternative plan in case a barrier gets in the way of completing an exercise session
    1. Forgetting clothes
    2. Working late
    3. Getting sick
  3. Lose 1.5 lbs of body fat for 8 consecutive weeks, if weight loss is your goal
  4. Make an appointment to meet with a fitness professional to develop a safe and effective exercise plan
  5. Complete 10,000 steps per day while wearing your exercise tracking band

If you like the messages that I am sharing with you and are not working with a fitness professional, reach out to me. I’m happy to discuss your goals and explore whether we are a fit to work together in some capacity! I have different coaching plans to choose from – from 1-1 training with me at the Richmond Wellness Studio to remote coaching for program creation and accountability.

To make sure that you don’t miss any of the messages in this series, turn on notifications for when I upload something new and YouTube will tell you! Don’t worry, you probably see and know that I don’t upload too many things too often, so – I promise that I will be respectful of your notifications feed 🙂

Finally, please feel free to share this with a friend and leave comments, thoughts, and  questions.

On to day 5! 2018 is getting close .. ! You ready? 🙂

Tomorrow, we will make a contract between you and your goals! If you’ve never done this before, it’s powerful! Stay tuned!

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