Happy New Years’ Eve’s Eve! 🙂

This is also day 5 of my countdown to 2018! If you’re just now tuning in, check out days 1 through 4, then come back to this one! Each of these videos are 5-10 min long and have specific action steps to set you up and in motion for your best, healthiest, fittest, most well year yet coming up!

Grab your notes, we’re on day 5!

Day 5 – we are making an official contract between you and your goals! Commitment to not only the goals themselves but the action steps to get you there is essential to your success – it not only keeps you focused but accountable as well! When you know what to do and you have a plan, especially on a daily basis, the only thing left is to do it!

Success starts with a decision.

Here are today’s activities!

  1. Establish target behaviors to produce desired changes
    1. Amount of calories you consume and the amount of exercise you do – frequency of workouts, number of steps)
    2. Plan out your weeks on Sundays
  2. Monitor progress – self-monitoring
    1. Keep track of your wins.
    2. Be aware of your shortcomings and strategize how to overcome that barrier for next time it comes up
  3. Deliver consequences
    1. Positive reinforcement – treat yourself, celebrate wins!
    2. Not with food
  4. Maximize generalization
    1. Maintaining behavior change across time and circumstances
    2. Are those that you live with on board with healthy eating?
    3. How can you surround yourself with positive reinforcement for the habits you want to keep?

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Do you have a friend who can benefit from this series? Please feel free to share it. Do you have questions in regard to seeing your own personal goals come to pass this upcoming year? Please reach out to me. I’d love to have a conversation with you about your individual variables! Finally, please feel free to share any other comments and thoughts with me.

On to day 6 – the real New Year’s Eve!

Tomorrow we will talk more about maintaining your lifestyle changes! Stay tuned!

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