Happy New Years’ Eve! 🙂

This is day 6 of my countdown to 2018! If you’re just now tuning in, check out days 1 through 5, then come back to this one! Each of these videos are 5-10 min long and have specific action steps to set you up and in motion for your best, healthiest, fittest, most well year yet coming up!

Day 6 – we are strategizing here, working through potential (and past) barriers that prevent you from keeping on track with your healthy habits. You’ve probably heard, “If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.” We will dig in to solidify your commitment to your health, fitness, and wellness habits and set up automatic responses to potential and planned life circumstances that will arise.

Here are today’s activities!

  1. Create a list of all barriers that prevent regular exercise and healthy eating during the holidays
    1. Travel, work/vacation schedule, too
    2. Provide a plan of action with 2 solutions to each barrier
  2. Further embed healthy habits by making additional commitments
    1. Sign up for a ½ marathon
    2. Join a rock climbing gym
    3. Agree to a group hike
    4. Become a group exercise instructor
  3. Rehash an unusual event that has halted your progress in the past and create three scenarios to which you could have handled things differently
    1. Birth of a baby
    2. Change in employment
    3. Illness or injury

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Do you have a friend who can benefit from this series? Please feel free to share it. Do you have questions in regard to seeing your own personal goals come to pass this upcoming year? Please reach out to me. I’d love to have a conversation with you about your individual variables! Finally, please feel free to share any other comments and thoughts with me.

Happy New Year to you!!! May this be your healthiest, happiest year yet!

Tomorrow I’m sharing two tools that I am REALLY excited about to help you begin or continue your health, fitness, and wellness journey! Stay tuned!

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