Have you wanted to make a New Year’s resolution that lasts?


A true, sustainable lifestyle change? A lifestyle transformation?


Do you want to elevate your health, fitness, and wellness in 2018?


I am offering a 12-week program for just that!


+ 2-3 workouts per week in-studio, privately (one-on-one)

+ Nutrition coaching

+ Other habit coaching: sleep, stress management, etc


I’m offering an exploratory session to all of my prospective clients to see if we are a good fit to work together: I typically charge $95, but am offering it for $49 if you’re reading this here to explore if this is a good solution for you!


I’d love to connect with you and have a chat to hear what your current goals are and where you’re at today. If it sounds like a fit to explore, I’ll recommend the exploratory session to you. If not, then I can refer you to check out a number of resources I have connections with.


I look forward to talking with you!


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