Be proactive and prevention-minded with your health versus reactive and corrective-minded.

How many of your coworkers, friends, and even family members have gotten the flu this winter season? By far, it has been a tough one for many. In this episode, I’m sharing flu prevention tips! There are some easy and simple things that you can do today to help to keep the flu away from you!

I cover 4 ways to naturally strengthen your immune system! You may not have thought of putting these together, particularly #1!

4 Ways to Naturally Strengthen your Immune System:

  1. Minimize stress and maximize well being
    1. What is the quality of your thoughts? The emotions that float around (or get firedaround) your home? How do you feel about your work and everything else in your life?
    2. If you feel cruddy, Law of Attraction – you attract cruddy.
      1. This is why gratitude/focusing on things to be thankful for is so beneficial
  2. Exercise
    1. 30 min 3x/week. Don’t make it complicated. Start with something. Walk. Run. Skip. Lift weights. Take a dance class you’ve been thinking about for years. You may find that you really enjoy it!
  3. Nutrition
    1. Eat more real food
    2. Especially fruits and veggies
    3. As much as possible, eat at home, even if leftovers
      1. Preservatives and salt in many restaurant dishes
  4. Sleep 
    1. Get the sleep you need. You know when you’re getting enough and when you’re not. Make it a nonnegotiable – your health and your life depend on it!

Where do you start? If you have multiple areas to improve on, pick one and start there. I recommend #1, minimizing stress and maximizing well-being – improving your mental and emotional health. You’ll know when it’s time to move on to the next one. In fact, #1 may be your gateway drug to the other 3.

Stay until the end for a personal story and experience of mine that may leave you with a different perspective and motivation than when you began watching this video.

We have one life and one vehicle to experience it with – take good care of yourself so that you can live to the fullest expression and experience you have the potential for!


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