Are you (or have you been) in a place where you’ve wanted to make some changes in your own life and lifestyle but have perhaps received a bit of kickback from those around you when you began changing some of your habits?

Social pressure is real. We know it’s not just a high school thing. Those around us influence us … and they are either influencing us towards what we desire for our lives, or they’re not.

Do you wish to lose weight or improve your health and wellness by cutting back on drinking alcohol, but struggle that it’s a very social thing with friends and acquaintances? Do you wish to make other changes with how you spend your time but hesitate due to what others within the group you associate with may think of you as a result?

What is most important to YOU? What is YOUR personal values compass? How can you make the majority of your decisions from a place of self-confidence, love, and peace?

Tune in to Brian and I’s video this week as we dive into this!

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