Happy Spring, RVA! Or shall we place a question mark there? Although the weather has been all over the place, we still know that summer is right around the corner! Question is – what are we going to do about it?

Our springs always bring us that unpredictability of, ‘is it spring, or is it winter … or perhaps is it summer already??” We really never know, right?

Either way, we still get into “spring cleaning,” right? Spring cleaning is a phenomenon where we feel compelled to organize and clean up certain areas of our lives – be it our homes, our desktops, and much more.

How else can we embrace spring and all that its “fresh start” energy has to offer?

  1. Make a goal that takes you to Labor Day (the end of Summer).
  2. Break down your goals into a monthly, weekly, and daily plan.
  3. Follow your plan daily!

Want some ideas for how to embrace being active this spring and summer? Here are a few that our clients have identified and agreed upon:

  1. Walk where you can when it is pleasant to do so.
    1. Pair up with friends at the office, or with neighbors!
  2. Clean out your pantry!
    1. Take all of the foods out of your pantry that are not supporting your current health, fitness, and wellness goals.
  3. Schedule an annual physical with your PCP/doc
    1. This is a good time to evaluate where your overall health and fitness is and how you can increase it over the next number of months as the weather is nicer!
  4. Create a schedule but be realistic!
    1. Make a plan (or consult a personal trainer or coach) to create a plan for your personal health, fitness, and overall wellness.
    2. Follow this plan, regardless of whatever it takes!
    3. Sometimes, your workout schedule won’t work, but 80% of the time, it should! Otherwise, you may need to change it. (And that is okay)
  5. Create a playlist that truly motivates you
    1. Music is a powerful motivator.
    2. Which songs really get you moving?
    3. When could you play them to increase your own personal motivation?
    4. How can you inspire yourself to do the things you truly want to do?
  6. Update your workout wardrobe
    1. What doesn’t look *amazing* anymore? (Or make you feel like you look amazing?) – Get rid of these items!
    2. What really inspires you to grow and to move forward in your workouts and fitness? – Keep or obtain these items!
  7. Hydration
    1. Avoid muscle cramping and fatigue by drinking about 2 liters of water per day, and about 17 oz extra 2 hours prior to exercising.
  8. Focus on mindset!
    1. Mindset is huge – it directs where we take our bodies and our lives!
    2. Where is the focus of your thinking based? Can you focus on winning and weight loss versus whatever you may have thought of in a new weight loss/fitness program?

This should get you started well towards your best spring and summer season ever! If we can be of help to you, please feel free to reach out at richmond-wellness.com. We wish you the happiest, healthiest, and most well spring season yet!


To your health, fitness, and wellness,

Aubrey Eicher

Owner, Holistic Personal Trainer

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