What are the stories you are telling yourself and others? Are you “Clumsy? Disorganized? Stressed? Have bad luck all of the time? Murphy’s Law follows you around 24/7? Unhealthy?”

What is one story you are telling yourself that is not empowering you to change it or to show up differently to life to change your results in that area?

Join me this week as I dive into how MINDSET + HABITS = SUCCESS. As a holistic personal trainer, these areas are greatly important to my coaching process!

This is part 1, and next week’s will build on this week’s! This week I am speaking solely on mindset and the impact and importance it has in our lives. You MUST start with your mindset before you go to change habits to get different results and ultimately achieve what you have defined as your success – in health, fitness, wellness, relationships, work, business, and so much more!

Here’s my big suggestion: take your ego out of the picture. Your ego will want to stay attached to whatever story you’ve been telling, particularly if you’ve been repeating it for sometime.

Tune in and participate in the tasks that I give to you. I am confident that it will make a difference in your life in any area that you wish it to!

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