It’s humbling to me that only 3 (short?) years ago, I took my very first flight on an airplane ..

To give further background/perspective, my mother has never flown in an airplane ..

And last Sunday I jumped out of one (for the first time.)

I LOVE to fly. I can’t get enough of it. What perspective. What majesty. What adventure. To see the world from such a different perspective.

Talking with my friend on the ground before we went up, neither of us were thinking about it. Call it selective attention, or whatever you want to. We’d made the decision to do it and here we were – all we had to do is show up and DO IT.

We had made the decision and all we had to do was show up and do it.

Many have asked me if it was scary. And, it could have been. For me, I framed it as an adventure – an exercise of pushing against discomfort/fear and proving to myself that it’s an awesome thing to do: to push against discomfort/fear. Oftentimes what scares us most are not the logical details or reality, but the stories we create, believe, and tell ourselves.

This is true for relationships, new ventures, new methods of doing things ..

This was an investment in knowing myself more. And growing myself.

I’ve so many things I want to do and I, too come up against fears from time to time.

But I have to ask myself what is more important to me – protecting/shielding myself from the fear, or accomplishing what I’m really excited and passionate about? 

I have much to learn and many areas to grow in and I’ve committed myself to continuing on a path of personal growth and development as a lifestyle. As a life commitment.

I want to continuously expand and not contract, except when it makes sense to simplify and downsize in a particular area.

Making the commitment to go sky diving sealed the deal for me. In my world, there was no backing out from that (barring unforeseen unsafe circumstances, like a weather storm or something – not being silly here!). I knew I’d do it this year.

It’s another notch in my character that verifies to me, myself: that I follow through on my commitments. And THAT always feels good. It feels better than the apprehension I experienced right before getting my foot in position, knowing that as soon as I did, we would jump.

I appreciate all that this life has to offer – the great, the exciting, the painful, the ugly .. all things work together for our growth and for our good. I truly believe that.

So – if I may encourage you to take the jump in whatever area of your life you’ve been pondering. To leap into the unknown, knowing you’re giving it the best you’ve got because you showed up and followed through in something you’ve dreamed about. 

If that includes jumping from a plane, I’m right there with you.



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