Whatever you do to increase your health, fitness and wellness should be a positive thing (NOT a drudgery!) Join me today as I’m discussing a recent experience of mine – dealing with a passion of mine, running, being a chore, and exploring how I could bring it to life again!

I include practical tips to find your own interests and excitements as well as a framework to plan them out, accomplish them, and keep moving forward in the direction you wish to with the energy you’d like to pursue your goals with!

Fitness/movement/exercise SHOULD be a release, not an added stress!

How you can apply this:
1. Know thyself: What’s a goal that can excite you? (If you don’t know, explore and find something!) If you do know, find the details and the logistics around it.
2. Make a plan: What are the monthly, weekly, and daily steps you need to take to get to your goal?
3. Execute the plan: Hold a rock-hard commitment to it while keeping the end in mind. Not all steps or actions may be easy or fun, but when we keep the vision of the goal in mind, it is much easier to follow through!
4. Accomplish the goal: AND CELEBRATE!
5. Set a new goal: Repeat the process. 🙂 Keep in mind this may be a totally different goal as your interests change and develop as you go throughout life. Always return to knowing yourself and asking yourself questions.

Reach out to me if I can help you identify and plan out some health, fitness, and wellness goals in your future! 🙂

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