Full wellness means that what goes into our selves – our body (movement, nutrition), our minds and souls (what we see, hear, and take in through all of our senses) – is what comes out.

When life hits us, however large or small a crisis or situation may be, whatever is within us is what will come out/respond to it.

How can we respond better? How can we not get entirely derailed from everything else we are working towards in our lives: exercise, eating well, taking good care of ourselves, work goals, family enrichment, etc?

My first tip? Always be preparing. John F. Kennedy is quoted as saying “The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.” I absolutely believe this. (Who wants to fix the roof in the rain? That sounds much less fun.) PREPARATION IS CRUCIAL.

How to prepare? In one sentence: Always be feeding on a good, positive stream of information, to start.

We all need the encouragement.

In today’s message, I’m unpacking this from a personal situation that threw me off-guard two weeks ago. Then, I’ll give you practical tips:

  1. When life hits, have a PLAN.
    1. Remember that emotions will cloud your judgment. None of us are immune to this.
    2. How will you respond? How will you cope? Develop and hold healthy coping mechanisms.
  2. Have a great support system; and USE it!
  3. Try your best to be aware and NOT numb out.
  4. Feel the feelings.
  5. But don’t stay there, don’t “camp out” in them for a prolonged period of time.
  6. Look for good things that can come out of the situation.
  7. Practice good self-care.

I hope that this message helps you if, and more importantly, when life hits you, whether expected or unexpected. To have a plan is key. To execute the plan is how you can get through the storm and still keep a level of composure and not get entirely derailed from the rest of your life goals.

I’d love to discuss this further with you if you’d like, so please feel open to send me an email if you would like to talk. I’m helping my clients stay on track amidst life circumstances that otherwise would take them off of their course. And here’s the thing, life always seems to keep us on our toes. Right?

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