As a holistic personal trainer, I believe that health is important in all of the areas of our lives, including relationships.

Health brings growth. Love. Positivity. Optimism.

All things are interconnected and affect one another. Have you ever experienced a relationship (of any sort) sapping your energy to exercise or eat the way that supports your healthy goals? Then you’ll likely agree with me on the importance of this topic.

Join Brian and I as we navigate our journey of transitioning our romantic relationship into a great friendship. No, it’s not easy, but – we are working together to do it in the healthiest, most loving & compassionate way possible. (This still doesn’t make it “easy,” but it does make it more helpful to grow and heal and continue on in our lives in a positive way).

We discuss how we concluded that this was the most loving and compassionate thing to do, as well as communicate it to all of our friends and communities that we love and that love us: no one needs to be upset at anyone. We have decided that this is the best thing to do for the both of us at this time. (No bad feels from anyone)

We also dive into why it’s important for “endings” to go well: nurturing the wellbeing of all involved; setting everyone up to win in the future and carry love, positivity, and optimism, versus bitterness, anger, victimization, and unforgiveness into your future and next relationship or dating endeavors.

Finally, we discuss the importance of re-centering yourself when you re-enter single life: returning to yourself and nurturing/caring for your own self with compassion.

All of these are highly important to practice (either individually or as a couple) if you want the next relationship and the future you want to create to feel amazing and continue in your growth in life.


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