Why waste your time and your life doing what you think will give you the results you want even though you dislike it, when you can find ways of being active that you enjoy that also give you the results you want?

There IS a time and place for forced effort: particularly when getting started with new habits when you truly make a committed decision to work towards a greater level of health, fitness, and wellness.

Maybe for 6 months or a year you have to do the tough stuff – aligning all of your lifestyle habits to your goal to get to a place to maintain where you want to be overall after that.

Accountability is key within this initial time-period to help you to create new habits and get out of your “norm”.

  1. Ultimately, we are talking about a mindset shift long-term: if we are talking about lifestyle change, we must find ways that will stick – and what is going to stick the most is what’s more or most enjoyable to us.
  2. In the immediate:
    1. get out there,
    2. get a coach,
    3. try new things/classes/modalities of exercise:
      1. Hire a personal trainer, go hiking, bicycling, walking;
      2. Try yoga, pilates, weight training, running, group exercise, self-defense classes or martial arts, Zumba, other dancing – salsa lessons, etc; pole dancing, etc!
      3. Try a bunch of things to see what YOU enjoy MOST!
  1. What you enjoy most will be what sticks the best. Find your own personal modality of movement and exercise.
  2. Know what is most important to your motivation:
    1. Are you a checklist or a performance person? Perhaps a modality like running/walking/hiking/bicycling would be good for you – to get a plan created for you to accomplish some really cool milestones in your fitness! (Mileage)
    2. Are you an enjoyment person? Maybe you just want to find a few dance classes that you love to attend each week. Or maybe there’s a big hike you’d like to be able to do well that you can work towards!
  3. Final thoughts:
    1. Know yourself.
      1. Our biggest asset is learning to work alongside ourselves towards what we want to see our lives look like.
    2. Hire a coach.
      1. Our second biggest asset is the knowledge and those that we associate ourselves around. A coach can provide accountability as well as a community to help you make the changes you want to make, because others are alongside you in the process!
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