From one of our amazing partners, Dr. Mark Smith, DC, DABCN, FACFN:

“I am trying to focus on information that you can use now to create the health and lifestyle that saves your brain. Research has shown that virtually every prescription medication that has been evaluated has failed when it comes to being effective for the treatment of subjective cognitive decline (brain fog), that leads to mild to moderate cognitive impairment, that then leads into dementia (Alzheimer’s Disease, or AD). Why have all 150 medications failed to make a dent? Because brain disorders like AD have MULTIPLE causes, and it is turning out that the things we can do in our day to day lifestyle are very effective in preventing and treating this dread disease or condition. One of those things that is essential is: exercise!!


The author’s state: In the present article, we provide a review of current knowledge regarding the role played by physical activity (PA) in preventing age-related cognitive decline and reducing risk of dementia… Epidemiological studies identified PA as an influential lifestyle factor in predicting rates of cognitive decline. Individuals physically active from midlife show a reduced later risk of cognitive impairment. Neuroimaging studies documented attenuation (halting progression) of age-related brain atrophy, and also increase of gray matter and white matter of brain areas, including frontal and temporal lobes. These structural changes are often associated with improved cognitive performance. Importantly, the brain regions that benefit from PA are also those regions that are often reported to be severely affected in dementia. Animal model studies provided significant information about biomechanisms that support exercise-enhanced neuroplasticity, such as angiogenesis and upregulation of growth factors….. The beneficial effects of PA may represent an important resource to hinder the cognitive decline associated with aging.

Bottom Line: This article states that exercise prevents and reduces the risk of cognitive decline and dementia and slows brain atrophy and actually increases brain size and function. That is incredible!! There is no know prescription that can do anything to help slow down or reverse cognitive impairment or dementia!! So find some exercise you like to do, and do it regularly and just never stop! This is another great example of how we can live and protect our health and future. One key thing to note is that the results of exercise are enormously improved when we are doing all of the other things we need to do to be brain fit and healthy: eat right; sleep right; manage stress; and all the other things we have covered in previous newsletters. To read more about this, go back to this paper that I previously reviewed, and since that review I have actually studied with Dr. Bredesen and taken all of his course work and will be implementing these strategies fully in early 2019!!”



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