From one of our amazing partners, Dr. Mark Smith, DC, DABCN, FACFN:

More and more information about brain health is emerging and how fitness can protect you from memory loss, depression and more. In fact, I would say that there is enough science to say that exercise is actually mandatory for depression, memory loss, anxiety, insomnia, and virtually any brain health concern.


This link reveals that poor fitness in midlife leads to smaller brain volume some two decades later! In other words, if you are thinking about getting fit or getting into a health restorative program later when a crisis spurs you to do it, think again. The problem started decades ago and now is the time to prevent it. Later on, you probably won’t be able to achieve the degree of recovery that you could if you were fit.

In other words, health and lifestyle choices made earlier in life have important consequences many years later. Pay attention NOW to your future…like we do with retirement investments, plan ahead to have a health investment account so you live your future without fear of disease.



Studies show that diet and lifestyle play an enormous role in either growing, or losing brain size and function; high blood pressure, diabetes, elevated blood pressure, obesity and smoking are all factors in brain health. The brains of people with the noted risk factors had problems with thinking and dealing with everyday life.

The good news is that making lifestyle changes can reverse or at least decrease the risk of brain shrinkage as well as reduce your risk to heart disease and cancer. Simply by managing your weight, not smoking, eating healthful foods and exercising, you can easily cut your risk of countless ailments. As more and more physicians warn patients of the findings of the known health complications from living an unhealthy lifestyle, it is hoped that people will take note and make the changes necessary to live a long and productive life. My warning is that it is imperative to take these actions now. Like, right now. If you need any assistance to create an individualized health restoration program, we are here for you. Now.”


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