Have you found yourself hating the new habit adoptions you’ve made in the past? Can’t find change that sticks? Did you try a fad diet or workout routine only to revert back to your original routine after only a few weeks or months?

Join me today as we discuss questions to consider in making true lifestyle change. http://bit.ly/2Qxt5SP.

Some questions for you today:

  • What do you like to do now? What do you like to eat now?
  • What hobbies or exercise or activity have you liked in the past? What foods have you liked in the past?
  • Are there some modalities of exercise or hobbies you’d like to explore? If yes, what?
  • Is anything holding you back from exploring these hobbies or activities?
  • What other hobbies did you enjoy as an adolescent?

If I/we can be of help to you in the changes and transformation you wish to see for yourself, reach out to me and let us know! Enjoyable, sustainable lifestyle change is our specialty 🙂

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