Have you ever used a mindmap for your LIFE?

What IS a mindmap? In this example, it is a tool for mapping out life, in visual pictures. To give life to the vision of life we wish to be living. The more visual we can be, the more compelling the vision, pulling us towards the actions that create that life and thus giving us those results that we want: in fitness, career, and overall life success.

We define what success is to us personally in our lives. It really is different for each of us as individuals.

I love to use mindmaps both personally and with my clients. It’s a wonderful visual representation of the life you wish to have, in all areas: fitness, career, life, and more!

We emphasize all areas of life! There is no work/life “balance,” but rather, work/life “harmony” within vision and goal setting because they are all inter-connected. Each area affects the other areas. You cannot have one without the other.

Join me as I work through my own mindmap from Sept 2017 as well as go through the goals worksheet I have created to help you to fully align yourself with the vision and goals you wish to see in your life.

Downloads of these worksheets are available here!

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