Kimberly Hassmer is the owner of OrganizedAdvocacy. I had the opportunity to speak with her recently and immediately saw the immense value she brings to caregivers of all types. Being a caregiver to my mother myself, I wanted to share her information with you and make it accessible as a resource if you, too are a caregiver of a loved one or family member.

“My name is Kimberly Hassmer and I am the Owner of OrganizedAdvocacy! Having a child with complex medical needs, I have learned firsthand how stressful the mounting paperwork can become and how overwhelming each appointment can be. Because of this, I have made it my mission to help other families like mine as they walk through what can be a very difficult time.

        Organized Advocacy is a business dedicated to helping families of loved ones that are medically complex, developmentally delayed, aging or in our veteran and active military community. The goal is the be able to take their health and educational documents and place them in a well-organized binder so that they can more confidently and effectively advocate in a medical or school setting.   
        Through interactive education, with the use of pre-made templates, a handful of dividers and a fresh, new binder, I can help caregivers learn how to better speak on behalf of their loved one during hospital visits, educational meetings, as well as a retirement community search.

          If you or someone you know is feeling overwhelmed by their medical or educational records and just needs to find a way to better organize them, please email me at Medicalbinders@gmail.com. I would love to support and encourage you on your journey to well managed records and better communication.”

Kimberly Hassmer
OrganizedAdvocacy, LLC
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