Rohit’s biggest hesitation before working with me was that he worked with a few “trainers” before and the workouts were very intense, and he was concerned about starting with someone after injuring his ankle and his ability to be able to do the workouts I would take him through.

Check out his 5 min video here (video linked)

At the end of our initial transformation session, he realized I had a game plan in mind that would ease him back into action and towards his goals.

Today, the biggest benefit for him has been the energy, strength and endurance he has developed to be able to play with his son without getting tired out so easily.

Listen as he explains how he adopted new habits, not only with exercise, but his nutrition: happily, in a way that he enjoyed the process, and how he is seeing results daily from my program, philosophy, and coaching!

He is empowered with clarity moving forward because he knows what he needs to do to continue to reach his fitness goals: how to exercise, how often, how intensely; what to eat, when, and how much to fuel him for his life and workouts.


Does this resonate with you? Are you tired of being tired? Do you feel you should have a higher ability of function in your life? Do you want more stamina for your day to handle life: family, kids, career, social life, house and yard work?

I am so happy to be able to help create this in peoples’ lives. I am offering free transformation sessions to find the next “right fit” client to work with. A transformation session is a one-hour session where we go through medical history, a posture assessment, lower- and upper-body mechanics to be sure you move safely and properly, identify definite goals, and create a game plan specifically catered to your life variables. I have 2 openings left. You must be absolutely ready to make a change and be willing to do so! If this is you, apply here: http://svy.mk/1VoaLsV

I look forward to chatting!

Aubrey Eicher
owner/personal trainer, Richmond Wellness
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PS: If this message resonates with you, reach out to me! Apply for a free transformation session, and do it now! I am here to help you on your journey to your fitness and wellness goals.

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