Welcome to November!! The holidays are right around the corner. Over the next few weeks, expect to see these lovely little turkeys in lots of different places! I want him to get as much publicity as possible!

Why? Well, let’s face it – the majority of everyone sees this time of year as the time when they add 10-15 pounds to their waist, versus subtract it. I am on an all out offense to combat that! Why wait until Jan 1 to take care of ourselves? Why succumb to the social pressure of so many holiday parties with lots of comfort food and the inclination to stay bundled up at home as it gets darker earlier and cooler?

There IS no better time to take care of ourselves, because we are being aware to the fact that we need to, right in this moment! There is no moment like the present – it is a gift by which we create our futures with, under whatever seasons or circumstances!

Turkey ACP New - Web.png

If you will, please share this strong turkey with everyone you know! (If you desire to know, his name is Thomas.) Share Thomas the Turkey with all the joy and thankfulness of this season and let’s have the fittest, healthiest, warmest, and happiest holiday season ever!!

To your fitness and wellness!

Aubrey Eicher
owner/personal trainer, Richmond Wellness
richmond-wellness.com | 804-367-3589 phone

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