Join me today as I share a good bit of the story of the creation of The Well/Richmond Wellness and holistic personal training. It’s been quite the adventure!

I saw the change that incorporating fitness was was making in others’ lives back in 2012 and loved the change I was seeing: my friends were coming alive and were excited!

There’s no best time to start. The best time to start is right this moment!

Let me know what we can do for you. Remotely online, I personally work nationally in the US. Locally to the central VA/Richmond VA area, we work in person as well as remotely.

If you’re interested in learning more about working together, go here and apply for an Exploratory Session and let’s have a conversation!: http://bit.ly/2MW3P9J

We are a holistic, mind and body personalized training program that guide and inform deep-rooted healthy life transformations for mindful & motivated individuals who want to live a healthy, unregrettable life today and every day ever after!

Join us for a 12-week program to kickstart your  transformation.  Included: 3+ workouts/week, nutritional coaching, lifestyle coaching to create true, lasting change in your life that you desire!

Reach out today to apply for an Exploratory Session: http://bit.ly/2MW3P9J

Now is the time!

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