Hello, everyone! We are launching, as you can now fully see, our new brand! Same philosophy but upgraded and even more streamlined: The WELL Personal Fitness! Maybe you’d seen the sign on our building the past few weeks.Β πŸ˜‰Β It was time to make the full switch over!

I’d been contemplating a rebrand for even longer than a year, but truly only started the project one year ago. πŸ™‚

That got me thinking about how things take time. We can get a vision for something – anything – maybe it’s our health/fitness/wellness, maybe it’s a work goal, maybe it’s a family goal, or anything else. However, if you’re anything like me .. I can get hung up on the catch that creating change actually takes time. It’s SO good to have a vision for where you want to go, but it’s also vital that you follow a process and do all of the steps to get there while holding the vision in mind. I had to relearn this in this realm this go around. πŸ™‚ It has been a beautiful process.

We are constantly educating ourselves, learning and refreshing what we do to make sure we are doing the best for our clients: the most effective yet most safe functional fitness training that is catered specifically to each individual client we partner with.

If you’re looking for guidance, and accountability for your health, fitness, and wellness, apply for an exploratory session: http://bit.ly/2MW3P9J.

Let’s have a conversation about what we can do to inspire your highest level of WELLness! Your upward swing will positively affect all of the areas of your life! We can bet on that!

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