I was having a very good discussion with a client the other day about this and wanted to share.

You know how GPS will tell us how to get where we are going? Yet, it can’t tell us the steps to get there unless we plug our destination into the equation.

This relates so closely to visions, dreams, goals and desires that we want to see come to pass in our lives. Maybe it’s to regain our vitality and zest for life, maybe it’s just to get in shape and feel lighter and nimbler to tackle the tasks of the day, maybe it’s a goal within our work realm or even within our relationship realms.

If we look around and have to ask ourselves the question, “Where exactly am I right now?” The next logical question should be, “Am I heading in the right direction?”

As in, “am I actually heading towards what I truly want?” Or, am I reacting to get away from something I do not want?

We are in control of the GPS destination. We get the opportunity to put in there anything we want for anywhere we might possibly want to go. If we’re just trying to get away from something less desirable, any destination other than that one will do, correct? However, if we put the coordinates for where precisely we believe we want to go, then we can actually begin to see the steps in front of us in order to get there.

You control the GPS. You are in charge of what is in the destination box. It can be anything you like. Health, fitness, wellness, happiness, love, accomplishment.

Just be sure you put in the destination box precisely where you want to get to. Then start driving.

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