One of our clients the other day was so excited (and we were, too!) that she was doing full pushups on the floor, at 79 years of age. How cool is that!? When I get these stories, I regard them as such excuse-removers – in the essence of, “gosh – if she can do that, what can I do??”)

To me, though, the much cooler success within that victory is her consistency to get to that place. This is a person who has battled the seasonal depression that many of us feel when the weather gets colder and the days get darker. Yet, we partnered together, and from both of our efforts, we were able to push through to a greater, happier, more whole place overall, in all areas of life.

There are essentially 5 areas of wellness or self-care.

  1. Physical self-care: the key to this should be something you enjoy. It may look like: yoga, eating more veggies and fruits, going for a bike ride, and more
  2. Emotional self-care: this is about checking in with yourself, becoming more mindful of your triggers and thinking patterns, and finding ways to work through them, rather than bottling them inside. It may look like: journaling, mindfulness and meditation, being creative such as expressing your emotions through painting, writing, cooking etc, and more
  3. Spiritual self-care: may or may not contain religion. This is whatever nourishes your soul and inner peace, giving you purpose and meaning to life. It may look like: meditation or prayer, spending time in nature, donating to a charity or cause you believe in, and more
  4. Intellectual self-care: includes doing something you enjoy that nourishes and challenges your mind. It may look like: reading a book, learning a new language, watching a documentary on a topic you’re interested in, and more
  5. Social self-care: this may look different for introverts and extroverts. However, connection is important to us all. It may look like: spending time with loved ones, reconnecting with an old friend, striking up a conversation with someone at the coffee shop, and more

How are you feeling about these 5 areas in your life? We can help, through fitness, if you’re not entirely satisfied. We hold our clients accountable on many levels. We’d be happy to partner with you to help you have the health, fitness, and overall wellness you really want to have.

To talk more about it, apply for an Exploratory Session today and let’s talk about it!

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