Extra sugar is causing weight gain for many, as well as a host of other health complications. Join us today with Dr. Mark Smith of Richmond Chiropractic Neurology and explore how sugar may otherwise be affecting you in ways you weren’t aware of!

“There are just certain ‘foods’ available today that simply do not support a healthy brain and body…and sugar is one of those things. When consumed in the amounts that the typical Standard American Diet allows, it is proven to be harmful. The rule is: avoid any foods with added sugars. Here is a link to a great article about the multiple impairments caused by sugar on the brain:


Hey…what about artificial sweeteners? Well, the news is actually worse.



All of the above links are thoroughly referenced. Here is a quote from the paper above:

‘Therefore, the present article review aimed to summarize the results of most relevant studies concerning side effects of artificial sweeteners. Accordingly, a search of several databases was performed to identify all related manuscripts from 1980 to 2016. As a result, most of the available animal studies demonstrated that chronic exposure to artificial sweeteners led to increased body weight, impairment of glucose and insulin homeostasis, alteration in gut microbiota, neurobehavioral effects and also induction of kidney injury and cancer.’

Bottom Line: Avoid artificial sweeteners and use in limited amounts things like local honey, stevia and luo han gou, all of these are readily available in most supermarkets and health food stores.

Here are a few more ‘nails’ in the coffin for sugar. Please be aware that there are plenty of well done studies showing sugar has negative impacts on brain function, cognition, mood control, depression, anxiety, memory etc. Please avoid processed foods and especially those with added sugars.



From the above study: ‘The consumption of healthy foods is correlated with good cognitive function. These results suggest that diet is closely related to cognitive function, even in healthy children and adolescents.’

PS: here is a link to find the the names for at least 61 hidden sugars in foods:


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