The Standard American Diet has been causing weight gain and stress for many, as well as a host of other health complications. Join us today with Dr. Mark Smith of Richmond Chiropractic Neurology and explore how your nutritional choices may otherwise be affecting you in ways you weren’t aware of!

“Brain death by diet is no laughing matter. In this short series I will highlight how you can protect your ability to think, remember, figure stuff out, feel love and compassion, ease depression and anxiety and protect all of the things that our brain does by simply eating in the best possible way.


This paper shows how consuming trans fats contributes to dementia. It is important to remember that almost all cases of dementia will start slowly and progress from brain fog to dementia in a fairly predictable manner. In previous newsletters we have gone over how this is not a black and white process, but it is about how we transition from white (normal healthy brain function) through grey (fog, subjective cognitive decline and the early signs of cognitive decline) to black (dementia). This means that you will usually not feel immediate affects from eating trans fats as the destruction takes some time to become noticeable.

The exception to that is people that have had ‘hits’ to their brain such as Lyme, or concussion (Traumatic Brain Injury of any kind, including multiple sub-concussive hits including whiplash), or other infection, or chemical exposures, mold exposures, or EMF exposures etc. Often people who have had multiple brain ‘hits’ have had their brain immune system ‘primed’ and can become incredibly sensitive to cell phones, WiFi, cell towers, fluorescent lights, loud noises, scents like in a candle store or cosmetic store, foods, stress, lack of sleep, or whenever they get sick with a cold or flu. One ‘hit’ that is chemical in nature is trans fats.

Bottom Line: Where are trans fats hiding now???

The FDA says ‘trans fats may still be in some of these foods:

  • Crackers, cookies, cakes, frozen pies, and other baked goods
  • Snack foods (such as microwave popcorn)
  • Frozen pizza
  • Fast-food
  • Vegetable shortenings and some stick margarines
  • Coffee creamer
  • Refrigerated dough products (such as biscuits and cinnamon rolls)
  • Ready-to-use frostings
  • Fried foods are particularly problematic’!!! Avoid!!

It’s also a very good idea to check the label. First, look at the Nutrition Facts panel. Even if it says the product has 0 grams of trans fats per serving, there may still be up to half a gram of trans fats per serving. Next, check the Ingredient List to see if it lists partially hydrogenated oils and avoid those completely.”


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