“You cannot hate, argue, reason, fight, complain or yell at a dark room enough to illuminate it – only by shining a Light is darkness overcome. Be that Light.”
– Anon

Anyone else been on a rollercoaster of emotion over the past 10 days?

A great way to ground ourselves is to develop a new routine.

Roo and I are going on daily long walks, to start.
I’m not personally a fan of the cold and grey weather (I get that seasonal sadness beginning in mid-January/early February and it makes me want to recluse with the fireplace on at home) but I committed to doing a daily morning walk with him and the fresh air and greenery this morning was so rejuvenating and awakening.

Of course, the flowers and leaves coming in remind us of the hope of spring. That is helpful! I liken it to the hope that even if we are feeling cruddy or confused or even crazy at times about the circumstances right now, we can have hope and use these circumstances for good.

Develop a routine of movement to tether you to positivity. Tell me if you’ve never felt better after moving your body. I know I always do. Sometimes we just have to remind ourselves.

If your life has been disrupted (I think that includes each of us), this is an excellent time to reorganize the grander scales in our life, not just the sock drawer. 😜 🧦

I’d noted the other day, “all that can be shaken will be shaken”, and the next conclusion is that whatever is within what’s shaken will come out (for example, a glass of water). We might not like all that comes out. Then again, we might likely find that we like some things and not others. (Maybe there were pebbles or seashells or gold or gems within that glass of water).

This is a beautiful time to reorient ourselves.

Be well, my friends. 💗🌟

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