Look for how you can use negative circumstances for positive.

It was a rainy walk this morning, yet still wonderful to go out and move. Roo likes to pee in the bushes, so, this raincoat was only helpful for 2/3 of his body. The rest of him got pretty wet, haha. He comes back inside and has to get wiped down to get the dirt off before pouncing on the cream cloth couch (agh!!) and rub all over the place to dry himself off (it’s very comical, if you’ve seen it).

Yet, I was grateful for the walk. For the time. For the fresh, cool air. For the movement. For my large umbrella. For his raincoat. For the sunshine coming tomorrow with the warmer temps.

For the slowing down to reassess: how this affects me, my relationships, my business, those around me, my neighbors .. everyone.

I am grateful for the awakening call. I think it is easy to coast when it’s “business as usual”, but when something like this unexpected pandemic shakes us all up, it’s SUCH an opportunity to take stock of the things we love, the things we possibly take for granted on a regular basis, and even our own skills, character, and fortitude.

I am grateful for the movement of my body, my mind, and even my emotions through it all.

What are you grateful for? What good, what “silver lining(s)” can you find in our current situation, in your own way?

How can you move your body today to spur positive mental movement?

I’m grateful for the power and ability to direct my thoughts to the good things. It’s something I’ve carried through many hardships in my life and I strongly advocate for it – to look for how you can use negative circumstances for positive.

– Wednesday, March 25, 2020

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