We have had an open house scheduled for Saturday, April 25. Well, thanks to the incredible power of technology (always looking for the good here, y’all!), we are able to still host it virtually!

How is this going to work? Well – Zoom has the ability to segment out into rooms so you can have a 1-1 conversation with another person within the same timeframe of the entirety of the open house event.

Essentially, it’s the same way we’ve ran our open houses, only virtually now, instead of in-person at the studio!

Our partners are joining us. We will have a sleep expert, a nutritional cooking expert and an intuitive life coach expert along with us. We will all be here to connect, to chat, to move, to explore, to engage in the things you’re stirring about in terms of your own personal health, fitness, and wellness!

This will be a *positive* event. If you’re anything like me, I am limiting my own personal social exposure to those that are uplifting, guiding, empowering and more to the areas of life (and goals) that are important to me. I’m here to support that cause of positivity and light and help us all transition through this time, and to move forward in the places that are most important to each of us.

RSVP: Eventbrite. https://bit.ly/2VkqYFk

(I will be sending out the Zoom link 2 days before the event! .. That’s Thursday, April 23!)

We are still doing raffle prizes. We won’t have treats/snacks/drinks .. this will be bring your own treats/snacks/drink to your side of the meeting.

We’re so excited to catch up with you and can’t wait for this newfangled new style of event! You are a part of something totally new for us, and it’s fun, exciting, and socially acceptable! 🙂

So – come on in, invite a friend, and come and connect with us!

PS: Roo will be there, too! He knows nothing of social distancing. He might lick the camera. 🙂

Looking forward to seeing you!!

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