We at The Well have changed things. Two months ago, the world changed, and we’re not so sure it will ever go back to the way it was. So, we upgraded and pivoted our services to continue to provide the best value and service to our clients and to you!

Check out the video! We’re offering 1-1 in-studio personal training, virtual 1-1 personal training, “buddy training” (add a friend or two, either in the studio or virtually!), and virtual 101 private yoga training.

I also explore a few other offerings out there and the immense value that we add to those classes and products. (Why you should work with us for your health, fitness and wellness goals versus them).

We focus on you as the individual. We foster an individualized partnership with you according to your goals and needs, wherever you’re at today – you don’t fit into our “box,” we craft a box for you! And rather even not a “box,” but a VEHICLE to take you to where you want to go!

Reach out to us for guidance. No matter where you are at today, we will help you move towards your goals from wherever you are at today. Apply for an Exploratory Session. Let’s have a conversation and explore!

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