Your health is the best investment you can make in yourself – not only physically, but mentally, emotionally, relationally, and otherwise.

Here’s a story of my investments in my work over the past number of years in the creation and evolution of The Well, including hardships along the way, and working through those hardships. See if the stories correlate/resonate with your own life, particularly in your health, fitness, and overall wellness!

When I had the “aha” moment to start The Well back in 2012, I didn’t know many of the things that were ahead of me. I didn’t even know that I’d walk into the opportunity to begin in 2014. What I did know, is that I had uncovered a passion I could fully get behind – helping change individuals’ lives for the better through personal fitness as a small, private personal training studio.

Over the years, it has been so incredibly fulfilling to remember many stories from clients – personal confidence built, hard times traversed through triumphantly, health, fitness, and wellness goals achieved, dream goals (of big hikes, missions trips, healthy pregnancies, and more), and functional goals (keeping up with friends, children, and grandchildren, and having the ability to move daily without pain or discomfort).

I knew my vision for The Well would make a difference, but I didn’t fathom how big of a difference it tangibly would make. My overall belief in my vision drove me to all kinds of personal investments: 4 hours of sleep at night (which, I do not recommend and did not find sustainable but rather necessary at the time), selling my car when I started because I lived close enough and needed the capital, and *a lot* of hard work and opportunity seeking. I had all the energy in the world because I was doing what I felt was the exact thing I should be doing.

Two years in, in 2016, I hit a low period in business that had me biting my nails as to how I would pay the studio’s rent one month. I was frustrated. I had a decision to make – to re-commit to the success of my cause and to figure it out, or to quit. I made the decision to dig in. A few months after hiring a business coach within the personal training industry, The Well was doing better and helping more people than ever before. I learned so much from that relationship and would never take that experience back.

In 2018, I began hiring what is now our “dream team” of coaches – incredible humans with the knowledge, professionalism, and philosophy of partnership with our clients just as I have had over the years. They’re as invested in our clients’ successes as I have been. It’s been a beautiful journey working with them and navigating the past few years together. I knew from the beginning that I could only solely help so many people at one time, and that if I believed in what we were doing and wanted to make a larger impact, I’d have to have a team to be able to help accomplish that goal.

And now, it is 2020. We are still here, we are here to stay, and here to grow. I am not sure of many (if any) more challenging circumstances that we could face outside of what this year has brought with Covid-19. We all dug in together, remembered why we do our work, put our heads together, and pivoted to continue to provide the best possible service through our 1-1 personal training, both in the studio as well as virtually.

Your health is the best investment you can make in yourself – not only physically, but mentally, emotionally, relationally, and otherwise.

Thank you to everyone who has supported. Thank you for reading. And if you want to get moving in the direction of your ideal health, fitness, and overall wellness, we are here for you. Reach out to us and connect.

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