Our focus is not just your fitness, but your health, your fitness, and your overall wellness.

We encourage all of our clients to get a yearly physical and to be in communication with their doctor as well as get their bloodwork done annually to see where their nutrition and activity is placing the status of the health in their body.

What kind of movement is best for your body that you enjoy? We’re partnering with each client to find the most sustainable movement for them individually.

We promote eating most nutritionally healthy 80% of the time. How are you fueling your body, particularly in the demands that you are placing on it? Are you making room to “be human” and indulge every once in a while? We will help you to make those decisions soundly – geared to your specific goals.

If you are already working with us, we are excited to be partnered with you working towards your goals. If you’ve worked with us in the past, we hope you are continuing on with your health and fitness and welcome you back anytime. If you have not worked with us yet, apply for an Exploratory Session and let’s have a conversation about what you want to accomplish and what it would look like!

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