We have an incredible and inspiring story from a client of ours that started back in late February. We are so proud of their accomplishments and so appreciative of being able to help create it with them!

Read on, this can inspire you.

“With another year rolling around (who does not make those New Year’s resolutions), I decided, once again that it was time to focus on my health and fitness and to reignite my love of cycling and being active. With these goals in mind, I researched and spoke with a few local personal trainers, before landing on The WELL!

23 weeks later and I cannot be more thrilled with the progress I have made toward my goals.  I can do a 5-minute plank, I am back to. cycling 30 plus miles a couple of times a week, I’ve lost over 37 pounds, reduced my body fat by roughly 7%, my flexibility and stability have improved, and most importantly I feel so much better!

So now that I have gone straight to the punchline, let me back-up and tell you about all the things I love about The WELL:

  • I love The WELL’s model of addressing the physical, mental, and spiritual components of being WELL. From the initial exploratory meeting I was convinced that this model was for me and signed up immediately.
  • I love the space we workout in and the equipment we utilize.
  • I love my trainer, Kazie Turner.  He is motivational, positive and inspiring. I love the names he assigns to each workout, the list we check-off of a whiteboard and the support and encouragement I get during our hour together. It doesn’t stop after our hour together, he texts me often during the week to see how I am feeling and progressing.
  • I enjoy the app that is used to log our workouts and track various metrics.
  • No two workouts are ever the same! I enjoy the variety.
  • I enjoy the workouts that we do that really highlight the performance gains.

I should also share that I started my sessions with The WELL a few weeks before the pandemic and quickly learned about the advantages of working in a boutique facility versus a big box gym.  I did not have to miss any of the momentum gains Kazie and I were achieving. I am not sure how many wipes and cleaning supplies The WELL consumes, but let’s just say A LOT.  I always felt comfortable with the protocols and communication provided by The WELL.

I look forward to each session at The WELL!”

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