That time of year is coming upon us: the cold and flu season. Many of us are giving it more respect and consideration than ever before. What can we do to increase our health, fitness and wellness today to curtail any preventable sickness and strengthen our immune systems?

  1. Move your body – walk, jog, ride a bike, strength train, yoga, dance, do a plank, bodyweight exercises .. anything; just move!
  2. Fuel yourself with nutritious and balanced foods – fuel yourself with nutritious and balanced foods (multivitamins are great, but) – balance between fat, protein, and carbs. Ideally you want this to be about 1/3 each to make things simple. Eat dark green, leafy vegetables – they have the most nutrients (think kale or spinach versus iceberg or romaine lettuce).
  3. Recover/rest and manage your stress – “vegging out” is not a bad thing, when done for an intentional purpose. Kick your feet up, take an Epsom salt bath (or a bath in general), get a massage, make your favorite cup of tea, sleep the amount of hours you know you need as a “good night’s sleep” (for example: for myself, 7 hours is my “sweet spot.”) Do the things that rejuvenate your body, your mind, and your spirit. If you’re not sure what, brainstorm on a piece of paper.

This is the perfect time to focus on taking good care of yourself and improving your health, fitness and overall wellness.

We can make a plan for you, support you and provide accountability from wherever you are starting from today. We do 1-1 private in-studio training as well as virtual personal training. Our private studios have minimal touchpoints that are sanitized prior to your session.

We partner with you with our expertise and experience to help you to get where you want (and maybe need) to go. Apply for an Exploratory Session and let’s have a conversation about what that looks like for you.

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