Have a friend or family member that has been wanting to get healthier and more fit but doesn’t want to go to the gym, exercise at home isn’t sticking, or just needs some help with it?

This holiday season, we are offering Gift Cards at a reduced cost so you can gift them the experience of an Exploratory Session with us at The Well.

We are a safe, private space for them to explore what increasing their health and fitness will look like for them.

Our 1-1 personal training is functional-fitness geared, meaning:

  •  + strength
  •  + endurance
  •  + flexibility
  •  + stability
  •  + balance
  •  + range of motion
  •  + balanced lifestyle

How great of a gift is the peace of mind against health risks and threats?

Gift Cards are available at the link below or send us an email at: info@thewellpf.com for more information.

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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