We have always been cognizant of the healthfulness of sanitization and cleaning. (The flu or a cold alone were never good for anyone’s health, fitness and wellness goals!)

We have been doing all of the below guidelines to protect you and ensure your safety:

  • All equipment is sanitized prior to your session. + We ask that you wash your hands before and after your session.
  • All equipment used within your session is set aside to be sanitized prior to putting it away.
  • If you are feeling under the weather, we ask that you stay home. Our staff follows the same rules.

With the cold/flu season upon us, we are now also taking surface temperature (touchless) upon your arrival to the studio.

We do all of the above and also work hard to make it as relaxing and comfortable as possible for you. We understand everyone’s heightened anxiety around Covid and never want you to feel the need to be worried about your safety or health within our studios.

Two of the blessings we have had throughout this pandemic:

  • We are a small, private 1-1 personal training studio with remote/virtual options available
  • We help our clients live healthier, fitter, more WELL lives

Keeping you safe has always been a staple of our philosophy, and we will continue to do that.

If you have a loved one or friend that doesn’t want to step foot in a gym, we are likely the place for them. (Please share this with them!) This is the perfect time to focus on taking good care of yourself and improving your health, fitness and overall wellness.

We will make a plan, hold support and provide accountability from wherever you are starting from today. We do 1-1 private in-studio training as well as 1-1 private remote/virtual personal training. We partner with you with our expertise and experience to help you to get where you want (and maybe need) to go.

If you haven’t yet, apply for an Exploratory Session today and receive 33% off!

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