Are you aware that we offer private 1-on-1 or 1-on-2 yoga sessions

Whether you’re just curious or a newbie, just getting back into it, or a seasoned yogi, this is for you. Yoga is a wonderful way to move and strengthen your body, increase your flexibility and mobility, make everyday functional movements easier and feel better, and decrease your overall stress level. It’s also a fantastic addition to any exercise routine! 

One of the benefits of having private instruction is having personalized attention from and communication with your instructor to ensure the safest and most effective experience for you individually. 

Your sessions are oriented towards your goals.

We begin with an initial Exploratory Session to get an understanding of where you are today and what you want to gain from your yoga session and go from there. 

From our yoga instructor: “For me, yoga is about the balance between strength and flexibility, exertion, and relaxation. My classes combine both strength and mobility work in a dynamic, flowing style. Expect to move, sweat, and breathe. As much as I love practicing yoga myself, I have found equal enjoyment in teaching and helping others learn its benefits.

My philosophy is to offer individual teaching that helps you reach your goals. The natural flow in yoga is something that is important to me and I strive to incorporate this is my practice and teaching.  The poses and movements are important but not as important as how you feel when you leave the mat.”

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