I’m not sure if your social media or web searches are glitter littered with ads right now from many different gyms and fitness options – but mine are! It got me thinking quite a lot about the various New Years’ Specials that many places have going on.

How many of them will partner with you personally and are committed to your success alongside you? How many are simply a tool you can use towards the betterment of your health, fitness and overall wellness?

Is your investment of time, energy, and dollars going to get you to where you want to be?

Hanover Location: Kings Charter
Fan Location: Robinson St

Here at The Well Personal Fitness, our personal trainers are your personal partners, your biggest supporters, and your guides towards what you’d really like to experience in your health, fitness and overall wellness.

Is it the ability to keep up with your kids or your grandkids? Is it to be able to better manage the stressors in your life? Is it to have more ease of movement in your everyday activities, to feel strong and flexible?

We will help you to identify reasonable, rational goals that you’re excited about and create a plan to help you get there. Then, we’ll be alongside you every step of the way to guide, support and hold you accountable to the goals you set.

Both our Fan and Hanover locations have openings for new clients right now. This is the perfect time to explore whether we are a fit to work together. Let’s see what this year can bring!

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