make yourself a priority self care

🌟 The key to

self-care is

self-awareness 🌟

Many conversations of late, particularly since the onset of the pandemic, have included mental health and self-care.

And, of course, following through.

Also: that is read, “self” awareness, not “everything else under the sun except myself” awareness.

See the shift?

How often have you ignored how you feel, whether physically, mentally, emotionally, relationally, spiritually, or otherwise, in effort to push through and to get things done?

This shows up in how we spend our time, how we spend our money, how we spend our energy, and what we think about.

Meditation and breathwork are spoken about more these days. I, like many, have used exercise as a form of “moving meditation” – regardless if it is a run, a bike ride, a yoga class, or a strength training session.

Stress management, in my opinion, is life management. There’s no escape from external stressors. That person cuts us off in traffic, a tree falls on the house, others are driving us crazy, etc.

It can be easy to get and feel overwhelmed.

Pay Attention

If you find the traditional method of meditation (sitting still, trying not to think of anything) challenging, I encourage you to practice the same principles when exercising. Pay attention to your body and exercise your mind body connection. Work to protect your mind from thinking of all the other things you feel you should be doing or problems you wish to be solving at that given time.

Pay attention and give gratitude for what your body can do. We must take good care of it, not just for the utilitarian function of it, but also for our enjoyment of it and our overall life experience.

If you need accountability in developing (or restarting) a regular exercise routine that sticks, reach out to us for an Exploratory Session and let’s talk about it.

To our clients, we love and appreciate you! We are happy to hold you accountable to do this in your sessions!

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