More encouraging WIN stories from clients!

I’m doing well feeling pretty good…

Of course have my less than patient days with my overall recovery,  just need that little reminder to remember where i was a year, 6 months, 2 months ago etc. 

Training is going really well Kazie keeps me on track and he sees me on days when I’m looser and feeling good as well as days when i might be coming straight in from sitting all day and it’s more of a struggle to get through …  he’s a great motivator and constantly reminds me of … hey remember when this move was much more difficult or being able to move with a few pounds in hand or the additional speed.

It’s going amazing. We love Shannon.

Shannon is a hoot!  She is a great motivator and trainer.   Have as good a time as I can working out. 🙂 feeling good!


Carol is a very good fit 👍 She has been very good at helping to modify things because of my pain.


Training has been great. I was worried about pace but it’s been right on the mark.

We’re so excited for each of you! For those of you reading this, could you be next? 😉

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