Most of us are humming at an average 8/10 on the stress scale daily. Join us to add to your toolkit of stress relief and relaxation to rejuvenate and balance yourself, no matter what is going on around you!

Every day you take roughly 20,000 breaths. How often do you notice how you breathe? Or the fact that your emotions actually change the way you breathe?

The opposite is also true: research shows that breathing practices can influence the emotions we experience – and also reduce anxiety, depression stress – and blood pressure.

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Saturday, Aug 13

11:30 am – 12:30 pm

Hanover/Kings Charter Location 
9568 Kings Charter Dr,  Ste 102
Ashland, VA 23005
  • Free to current clients of The Well
  • Just $15 for non-clients
  • One hour of guided breathwork and relaxation meditation by a The Well coach
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