Let’s face it, it’s very challenging, if not impossible, to have and to hold physical health if our mental health is struggling.

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Sometimes, we need to take a step back and look at our mental and emotional health in order to realign ourselves with the things that we really want to be experiencing in life: physical health and fitness included. Many things around us (*cough,* the news) can be so negative and bring us down.
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From day one, we at The Well have been intentionally framing and reframing our mindsets as trainers and coaches in order to be able to do the same for our clients. And we’re not invincible – it’s a daily practice!
Any day of the week can bring a challenge to our positive, empowered mindset. That’s why it’s important to always be feeding our minds on uplifting, positive information, and to be putting our hands to good, constructive work.
Sometimes it can seem like an uphill battle. all. day. long.
Other times, it can seem like we’re coasting downhill with the breeze cooling us off after the work.
There’s a song I think of often and one of the lines goes like this:
“I’m bikin’ uphill and it’s burnin’ my quads (obstacles)
I’m bikin’ downhill and it sounds like a fishin’ rod”
That’s the beauty in life, the variety that we have the opportunity to experience.
Please always feel free and open to have these kinds of conversations with us! Your mental health is important to your overall well-being and life experience, and increasing your physical health can help with it!
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