One of the most important things we can do for our own health, fitness, and wellness, is take it into our own hands, and more importantly, our own minds. To be our own boss – the boss of ourselves.

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I don’t mean referring to Dr. Google every time we have a question. Rather, I mean: becoming experts at knowing ourselves, listening to our bodies, our emotions, and our thoughts. I mean asking questions and digging deep to own responsibility for how we care for our bodies and minds, not letting everyone else do all of the thinking for us and blindly following their lead.
However old you are today, you alone know yourself the absolute best, more than anyone else could know you, on this planet. Think about that for a moment – is it true, or is it true?
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I believe that one of the greatest adventures we can embark upon in this life is deeply and truly knowing ourselves.
Then when we know ourselves, the goal is to honor ourselves.

Being the boss of yourself – what does that mean to you? What kind of boss do you work for? Are you a slave-driver to yourself, or an avoidance-laden digressor allowing yourself to be distracted by the next squirrel, just kind of showing up every day?

What kind of boss would you want to work for? Perhaps one that was just, fair, showed up and got the job done, supported, and celebrated with you?

At the end of the day, we answer to ourselves, or we push away/ignore that voice.

I encourage you to give your inner voice a listen today and explore how to lead it to where you both really want to be!

We can be our own best friends, or our own worst enemies.

The best part of that statement is: we get to decide which.

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