In 2018, I launched an eBook called Kickstart your Wellness and shared it – and I recently looked back and saw the awesome effect that had on those that had gotten it, and the incredible testimonials that came during the early pandemic time! 

So! I’ve been revamping the eBook and have made it into a program I am offering to you at no charge! 

This is for you whether you are a client or aren’t working with us yet. It’s for you whether you hit the ground running on January 1 or maybe hit some speed bumps in the past few weeks. It’s for you regardless of your health, fitness, or wellness level – it’s for you if you want to increase yours! 

Included, you’ll get a copy of the eBook (v 2.0!), support emails and tools to use for self-inquiry on your own time, and three live coaching calls as well! Bring your questions, concerns, and roadblocks.

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